Top 5 Call of Duty Players in the World

Top 5 Call of Duty Players Worldwide

Call of Duty Championship Stage

1. NaDeSHoT (Matt Haag)

NaDeSHoT (Matt Haag) 

That is to say, who else did you believe would have been #1.

It clearly must be NaDe. Known for his awesome administration, NaDe is said by many individuals to be the best Competitive Call of Duty Players ever.

NaDe began his Competitive Call of Duty profession amid the MW1 Season and put fourth at the MLG National Championship 2009 with his group, group Genesis.

For the MW2 Season, he joined OpTic and set eighth in both the MLG Online National Championship, and the MLG National Championship 2010. Amid the Black Ops Season, he put third at MLG Dallas. Subsequent to setting sixth at MLG Columbus that year, he got kicked and joined EnVyUs. Amid the MW3 season he joined OpTic again with BigT, MerK, and Vengeance.

Amid the Ghosts Season, he won himself a XGames Gold Metal, put second in MLG Anaheim 2014, and set fourth at UMG Dallas. Amid the AW Season, OpTic is relentless and is most likely the best group of 2015 (or the entire AW season) up until this point.

In the wake of setting inadequately at Call of Duty Championship 2015, basically their exclusive competition of 2015 that they set ineffectively in, NaDeSHoT was vigorously censured of not having an awesome shot and of being one of the weaker Pro Players. We as a whole knew it.

He has indicated genuine sportsmanship and kind disposition to every single Pro Player and his partners. 

Nadeshot Youtube Channel:

Best of NadeShot:

2. Scump (Seth Abner)

Scump (Seth Abner) Considered to be one of the best, if not the best Competitive Call of Duty slayer ever.

Scump began his Competitive Call of Duty vocation amid the Black Ops Season with his group, Quantic LeveraGe.

He did well in his first real competition at MLG Dallas. In the wake of leaving Quantic LeveraGe, he joined OpTic and the group was strong amid the MW3 season. Amid the Black Ops 2 Season, Scump and OpTic set first in UMG Chicago and never under Top 10 in any of their different competitions for the season.

In the wake of failing to meet expectations ahead of schedule in the Ghosts Season, Scump declared he would leave OpTic and go to EnVy. In the wake of acknowledging he cherished OpTic, he returned following two weeks.

From that point onward, he got in third the second time in succession at COD Champs and got a XGames Gold Metal, which made him one of the principal players in Call of Duty history to get a XGames Gold Metal.

It was an immense minute and he merited it, since he played so well in the competition. Amid the Advanced Warfare Season, they are relentless and appear as though they are never going to lose, however amid the current year’s Call of Duty Championship 2015 they were completely disengaged and did not put well.

This was truly the main competition they played inadequately at this year up until now. After, Scump won his second XGames Gold Metal making him the main COD Pro Player to return to-back XGames Gold Metals. Scump dependably demonstrates he is fit for demolishing anybody he sees, and that he is not reluctant to test somebody.

Scump dependably goes out on a limb and gets into 1v1 weapon fights and basically wins them each and every time. He is constantly ready and concentrated on the diversion. He once in a while lets anybody or anything trouble him and take him off-core interest. He makes different groups lose all their certainty when they confront him.

He is a strong player and has driven OpTic to numerous triumphs in his normal capacity to pull through and grip enormous and major plays. Much the same as BigT, Scump is a piece of OpTic and he is one of the players who made OpTic a great group.

Much the same as Rambo is an EnVy Legend, Scump is an OpTic Legend recently like BigT and is as of now driving OpTic to triumphs. Scump merits Top 2 on my rundown.

Best of Scump Gameplay:

3. BigTymeR (Will Johnson)


He has been called the best Competitive Call of Duty player ever by many individuals. It’s not for reasons unknown. There is clearly a motivation behind why individuals call him the best. Individuals cherished his regular capacity to perform to a great degree well for OpTic and he truly demonstrated his enthusiasm and love for the establishment.

He was an overall bolster player and he was fabulous at his Comp part. He began his profession on MW1 and won the MLG National Championship 2009 immediately. That is momentous for a player to win a noteworthy competition so rapidly like that. BigT and his partners ProoFy, MerK, and Rambo made a beeline for OpTic.

This started an immense development for every one of the three players. This started the OpTic development that Will drove. In the wake of having a list change with the presentation of Scump and NaDeSHoT on the group, OpTic seemed as though it was heading in the correct direection. OpTic is an exemplary group and Will was a colossal piece of that.

He made it look so natural to play the amusement while numerous other Pro Players were battling. Without a doubt, he battled at times simply like whatever other Pro Player, however every time he did he got go down and was dynamite.

After he declared in the start of a year ago in 2014 that he was resigning from Competitive Call of Duty to wind up noticeably OpTic’s mentor, Crim and FormaL were in the long run added to the group and that was the finish of Will’s Comp vocation…

For the present… Many are stating he will be back for Black Ops 3, and he even said that he may be back himself for BO3 also. BigT was a legend and for that, he unequivocally merits Top 3.

TymeR Gameplay:

4. Rambo (Ray Lussier)

Rambo (Ray Lussier) Rambo is really a Legend. Known for his actual enthusiasm to win and his actual aggressive level, Rambo does not disillusion and should be Top 4.

He has done as such much for the Competitive Call of Duty Community and has demonstrated to us his actual enormity as a player and as a man. He has had a benefit to play for groups, for example, OpTic Gaming and EnVy.

He won second place in the Call of Duty Championship 2013 with his group, EnVyUs. He demonstrated that his group was relentless and he demonstrated that he was capable through his gameplay. he didn’t have to demonstrate to individuals he was great…

He simply was great. In 2014, he declared he would enjoy a reprieve from Competitive Call of Duty, and that he will mentor EnVy. Much the same as NaDe and BigT, Rambo needed to seek after a YouTube and Twitch profession, which he did.

He likewise turned into a Call of Duty investigator, and has been to numerous occasions as an expert giving his supposition on the diversions that were already played at those occasions.

Rambo likewise joined Sledgehammer Games to help and enhance AW and additionally help with thoughts regarding future Call of Duty’s made by them.

He is a standout amongst the most notorious and renowned Competitive Call of Duty players ever. This is the reason he is Top 4 on my rundown.

Best of Rambo Gameplay:

5. Crimsix (Ian Porter)

Crimsix (Ian Porter) Known as one of the more timid players, Crim however dependably takes care of business.

He is the inverse of ACHES. Both are forceful players in their gameplay, however their identities are totally extraordinary, and Crim’s capacity to kill and general win is somewhat better. Crim was constantly inspired by Competitive Call of Duty, however he likewise began playing Halo, and was extremely intrigued by it when Halo Reach discharged.

After he understood he needed to play Call of Duty, he concentrated on Black Ops 2 after its discharge. Much the same as numerous others on this rundown, Crim has had a privelege to play for CompLexity (Later Evil Geniuses).

He won numerous minor and significant competitions with them and got himself a Call of Duty Championship in 2014. After EG disbanded, he was promptly perceived by OpTic. BigTymeR declared he was resigning from Competitive Call of Duty to wind up plainly OpTic’s mentor and needed to seek after a YouTube and spilling vocation.

They didn’t need Clayster and ProoFy any longer, so Crim, and also FormaL, were the ideal decisions for OpTic. Many individuals thought about whether Crim could satisfy Will’s, Clayster’s, and ProoFy’s legacies and he did. OpTic Gaming is most likely the best group in Comp at this moment.

Not exclusively did Crim add killing energy to the group, additionally an inside and out capacity for certain grasp plays. Crimsix is certainly one of the best Competitive Call of Duty players who has ever lived, is as yet making a colossal, if not, greater effect now with OpTic Gaming. He merits the Top 5 spot on my rundown.

Crimsix Best of Gameplay:

This concludes the Top 5 Best Call of Duty players in the world.

We will pay close attention to who the next upcoming pro gamers will be.



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