CS: GO-Top Five Weapons the Professionals Use Update

CS GO Top 5 Weapons

This paper discusses CS:GO Top Five Weapons the pros use. Counter Strike GO is home to many unique players.

One thing is for certain is that these weapons are lethal in the right hands.

Today we review the best weapons in the game you will see in any high level match in CS:GO.

1. AWP – One Shot – One Kill.

AWP Weapon
AWP – The most feared player in Counter Strike is one with an AWP. You really should be running away right now.

What is there to say about the AWP? You aim, you shoot, your opponent dies in one shot. 

But that is the key, learning how to aim the AWP has some difficulty to it. But with the proper training and in the right hands this weapon is seriously scary. The AWP is not going away from the top of most lists, it’s just way to good to pass up.


Reminds me of the Golden Gun from Golden Eye N64 Days, you get hit once you die!

2. AK-47 – Deadly Accurate.

AK-47 Weapon in Counter Strike
AK47 – What a beauty.

What terrorist player doesn’t pick up an AK-47 when he has the funds?

If you see one on the ground drop whatever you are doing and pick one up. This weapon has some serious accuracy that should not be underestimated. It alone can win matches and in the right hands quite frankly you are unstoppable.

The AK-47 is a fan favorite since the game started and that is not going to be changing anytime soon.

Also from Counter Strike 1.6, the good old days:

3. M4A1-S – A Good Choice.

M4A1-S Weapon from Counter Strike
M4A1-S – Preferred Counter-Terrorist Weapon.

The M4A1 is your go to choice if you are on CT and have the funds to spend. One can last you the whole game if you are careful not to die. This gun like the AK-47 has amazing accuracy which is revered by players. It does take a lot of practice but once you know how to use it, you can be a major player on the battlefield.

No pro goes without one…ever.

Tips and Tricks on how to handle this gun:

4. AUG – Sharpshooter.


An amazing weapon for those on a budget, almost as good as the M4 this is your next best bet. Some even say it’s better than the AK-47.

Many pros can actually do better thanks to it’s scope it offers. This gun is also better for beginners to the game who can’t quite master the M4 yet but want to be a valuable player. So if you don’t want to drag your team as a newbie try buying the Aug when you got the money.

Take a look for yourself:

5. P90 – Spray and Pray.


When in doubt you can always Spray and Pray.

The P90 is extremely prominent among players who have deficient assets to purchase predominant weapons.

Its high magazine estimate permits this SMG to be utilized for showering projectiles. It is additionally the principle weapon for bots who have the weapon inclination of employing submachine firearms.

CS:GO Top Five Weapons: Check out the P90 Weapon Guide

Hopefully this article about CS:GO Top Five Weapons helps you better understand which guns to look out for when you play a match of CS:GO!



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