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If you are like us and enjoy free food, then you’ve made it to the right place. Welcome to the very last and only Postmates promo code guide and resource for 2019, you will ever need. Now I know what you’re thinking – “There’s 100 other websites, articles and blogs that cover what Postmates is, how to use Postmates and even how I would use Postmates”, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, today we are going to answer every inquiry you could have regarding how to get your Postmates promo code for XY to work in-app, and free food!

So, grab your phone and pack a lunch because this Postmates guide is going to cover everything you want to know, and even some things you don’t care to know.

What is a Postmates Promo Code?

If you have made it to this website, chances are you know what a promo codes is. But for those of you who do not, it is an alphanumeric set that is entered into the Postmates mobile application. These promo codes that you can find just about anywhere, grant their users monetary discounts that are applied to their first food order through the Postmates mobile application. Postmates promo codes for XY come in just about every shape and form you can imagine. In some instances, you will even see them on billboards, flyers, or other forms of marketing materials. In most scenarios, these promo codes are in the form of catch phrases or patterns to help you remember them most when you need a food delivery.

Note: Postmates promo codes for XY and coupons are everywhere and can be found in many places. In most instances, the codes you use or find will offer the same monetary discount. How’s this possible, you ask? Well, Postmates offers discounts based on your geographical location. While many codes boast different discount amounts, the truth is that whatever discount you receive is the one that is available in your immediate market.

In addition, what’s nice is that when you sign up with Postmates you will get the chance to have access to your own promotional codes. With this code, you can earn free meals my re-distributing your code to friends and family. When they use your personal code, you will be rewarded with money off your next purchases through Postmates. Neat huh?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Who Should Use a Postmates Promo Code?

We get this question a lot. People tend to ask us who Postmates promo codes for XY are good for. Our answer is “Just about anyone who eats”.

When Postmates created their application, they created it with one thing in mind….and that thing was you. Because of this, their user interface is so well designed and easy to use – your grandma could do it without her bifocals on, in the dark, from her grave. Seriously…she could.

Due to this, anyone who comes into contact with this application and has never had any experience with it could use it seamlessly. In fact, last time we used the Postmates mobile app, which was while writing this blog to get some grub, we noticed that the application provides on-screen instructions that help you to complete an order.

Note: Even though almost anyone can use the Postmates mobile application and available promotion codes, there is a select demographic who can not. Who, you ask? Minors.

Upon review of the Postmates Technologies Terms of Service on  for the use of their platform and services, Postmates states directly that:

 “A rider must be at least 18 years of age to have a Postmates account and request rides. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by someone 18 years of age or older on any ride.”

Sorry teenagers and adolescents. We know how convenient it is to get food on your parents debit and credit cards, but due to laws in most cities and states we are required to let you know that you shouldn’t be using this application to order food.

When Should I Use a Postmates Promo Code?

Well…to be quite forward, you should use it when you or your friends are hungry or in need of something that can be delivered. Using a Postmates promo code for XY isn’t specific to any particular purpose, you use it for deliveries. Easy enough right? Below, we have provided you with some ideas on how to use your Postmates promo code discount today.

Food – I think the most obvious reason to use a postmates code is food. There are often many times, usually on the weekends when we are intoxicated, we don’t want to drive out to get our own food. With a Postmates promo code for XY, you can get just about any restaurant or meal you desire on-demand in 30-40 minutes.

Clothes – Personally, we have used Postmates promo codes to pick up clothes for us and deliver them. Say for instance you are visiting another city and want to go out to the local club scene but want a fresh shirt and don’t know where to get one. Through the Postmates app, you can ping a local driver and send them to any store in the vicinity to get your merchandise and deliver it to you.

Electronics / Misc – Another great way to use Postmates is for things like electronics and miscellaneous items. When we moved into our new place out here in Los Angeles we didn’t have an HDMI cable for our TV. Luckily my roommate remembered that Postmates delivered just about anything or we would have been without Football. Blasphemy, we know.

Where Should I Use a Postmates Promo Code?

Anywhere possible! Postmates has been around for quite some time now and because of this, they have expanded into multiple markets across the united states.

As of 2019, Postmates operates in over 400 cities and contracts with 250,000 businesses at any given time. With a fleet of over 60,000 delivery drivers, bike riders and scooter scooter-ers, you can understand why there is no lapse in services just about anywhere you can go.

While their reach may not be as large as GrubHub or UberEats, Postmates is a formidable competitor with a networth of over 1 billion dollars.

For the complete list of cities and states that you can use your Postmates promo code in, please visit the Postmates City & Locations list available from their website for new users.

Why Should I Use a Postmates Promo Code?

Why, when and how you use your Postmates promo code for XY is completely up to you, but we do recommend you use it to test-drive their services. While many other platforms are available out there, Postmates is arguably in the top five for service, speedy delivery and customer satisfaction.

As always, we recommend trying them yourselves before buying into any online reviews or anecdotal stories of bad experiences. The simple fact is that most delivery platforms offer the same services – the only thing that changes is a user’s experience through those available platforms.

Keep in mind, it’s not uncommon for these different companies to offer higher promotion codes than their competitors at different times of the year. Due to this, we recommend downloading all delivery and food-delivery apps to see which one meets your needs, is available in your area, and provides the best promotional code or monetary discount. For more platforms, check out our:

GrubHub blog, and make sure to give them a go as well. Unlike Postmates however, GrubHub only delivers food.

How Should I Use a Postmates Promo Code?

Now that you know everything there is to know about Postmates promo codes for XY, it’s time to use one.

Grab your mobile phone and lets order our first discounted meal, right now, on the house!

How to Get Your Postmates Promo Code Through Your Mobile Phone

  1. Go ahead and head over to the Apple or Google Play Store to download the Postmates mobile application.
  2. After downloading the Postmates application, click into the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up and verify your account!
  3. After completing the step above, click the profile icon in the top left corner. For some of you this will be a greyed out button and for others, it may display a picture, depending on how you signed up for Postmates.
  4. After clicking the profile icon, select “Promos and Credits”. From this screen, you will enter your Postmates promo code in the top field.
  5. Whew…now it’s time to take a break from all that hard work and to make your selection for food delivery!

Enjoy your meal when it arrives, you earned it!

Conclusion About Postmates Promo Codes

There it is. Did you make it through this long and extensive article on Uber promo codes? If you did, we commend you. We hope that you have enjoyed our explanation of each topic and the information we have provided to you while getting a few laughs along the way.

If you have enjoyed our article, make sure you use the Postmates promo codes for XY above to get free delivery.

After you have used Postmates, come back and leave us a comment or shoot us an email regarding how your experience went – we would love to hear all about it.



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