Riot announces League of legends movie! Who should play who?

Riot Announces League of Legends Movie

League of Legends Movie Cast

We live in a world where a story is never restricted to just one entertainment medium. Harry Potter took the world by storm as a book. Before long, it was a video game, before shortly also becoming a movie.

When the epic first-person shooter Halo dominated the console video game world, people began to demand a movie. It wasn’t long before other stories in the Halo saga were released as books. And today there aren’t just movies, but also TV shows that tell the story of Halo.

So it’s only natural that people would demand a League of Legends movie, following the game’s popularity. Whatever your opinion of the game itself or it’s players, there is no denying it’s power in the MOBA world. Riot Games has written an impressive amount of lore behind the game and it’s characters. The world-building began with the game itself, and continues to this day.

So people want a movie. And lucky for them, Riot has announced their eventual plan to do a League of Legends movie! And of course, when there’s talk of a movie, the first question is always the same: who will play who?

The League of Legends movie cast

We might not like to admit it, but casting definitely matters when it comes to movies. My family went to see the movie ‘Why Him?’ last year during the Christmas season, and it was quite good. But truthfully, we wouldn’t have even given it a chance if Bryan Cranston didn’t play one of the main characters.

It isn’t the only thing that makes a movie good, but star power definitely matters. And as such, I’ve made my own League of Legends movie cast.

Exploring the plot

Similar to World of Warcraft, League of Legends seems to have one theme that is almost constant in its lore. That theme is the ongoing war between Demacia and Noxus, two major cities in Valoran. Because the lore outside the League of Legends itself seems to constantly refer back to that conflict, then I would assume the main storyline for the movie would revolve around it as well. As such, the main characters would be ones closely associated with this.

Riot also seems to favor making videos featuring the earliest-released characters, so these will have special consideration too.

So without further ado, the League of Legends movie cast!

Garen: Brad Pitt

A titular character like Garen would need someone will a well-known face. And Brad Pitt has proven himself desirable for warrior-type roles in movies such as ‘Troy.’ Likely to be a main character, Pitt’s star power suits him for the League of Legends movie cast.

Ryze: Travis Fimmel

Fimmel has proven he looks badass shirtless and with a beard. Anyone who has seen his debut in History Channel’s ‘Vikings’ as the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok would agree, I’m sure. The intelligent, blue eyes could lend themselves well to the appearance of a skilled magic-user.

Darius: Manu Bennett

The Hand of Noxus, Darius is all strength, no fear. And no one can play him in the League of Legends movie cast better than Manu Bennett. Cast in Spartacus as Crixus the undefeated Gaul, Bennett has shown how well he portrays a savage on the battlefield.

Ashe: Evangeline Lilly

Put a bow and arrow In her hands, and Lilly becomes the ideal archer character, as seen in The Hobbit. She’s a great fit for the quintessential archer girl in the League of Legends movie cast.

Gangplank: Geoffrey Rush

When I think of pirates, I immediately think of Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean. So it’s really a no-brainer to make Geoffrey Rush the quintessential pirate character.

Shaco: Mark Hammill

Because of his strange facial features, Shaco would most likely be an animated character. Therefore, much of what he is relies on his voice, which is clearly modeled after the Joker from the Batman series. It’s only fitting that the man who made the Joker with his legendary voice talents, Mark Hamill, come back for Shaco.

Kayle: Katheryn Winnick

Fierce in both her loyalty and on the battlefield, Lagertha Lothbrok from History channel’s ‘Vikings’ was a great character. And Winnick would bring the same qualities to Kayle in the League of Legends movie cast.

Morgana: Helena Bonham Carter

As annoying as I think she is, there really isn’t anyone better suited for this role. Roles in movies like Harry Potter, Fight Club, and Alice in Wonderland make her League of Legends movie cast material. She captures the essence of Morgana’s dark, tortured persona very well, and will make a great rival for Kayle.

Sivir: Gal Gadot

Gadot (Wonder Woman from Batman vs. Superman) would be perfect for the Legue of Legends movie cast as Sivir! Compare this picture side by side with the ‘warrior princess’ skin, and you’ll see what I mean. I would have picked Lucy Lawless for this, but unfortunately too much time has passed since Xena.

Katarina: Scarlett Johansson

I’ll admit, I’m mostly going from her performance as the Black Widow in Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ for this one. One can’t deny that dressed in black and armed with dual daggers, Johansson and Katarina would look very similar.



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