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Top 5 Male Cosplayer

5. Danquish

Danquish Cosplayer

Danquish is amazing at Cosplay, from costumes to sick poses. He breathes new life into the characters he dresses up as.

With a very large (and growing) following, we are excited to see what he does next in the following years.

Danquish was born in Canada, but lives in Seattle, Washington. He began costuming and prop work when he was very young, and now prefers to Cosplay ninja and armored characters.

Danquish Ninja Cosplay
Danquish Cosplay Costume

Danquish Facebook:

Danquish Deviant Art:

Danquish Twitter:

Danquish on Youtube:

Danquish Robot Cosplay
Danquish Robot Cosplay

4. Steven K. Smith Props

SKSProps makes Cosplay Props

SKSPROPS has proven to be a global force in the Cosplay world. 

Steven K. Smith Props makes his living as a chief Cosplay craftsman and prop producer in Kansas City, Missouri. He has loved computer games for many years, and started to take amusements to a radical new level by recreating his favorite characters’ outfits, most prominently Borderlands Psycho Bandit veils and Buzz Axes.

SKSP Cosplay Props Armor and Weapons
SKSP Cosplay Props Armor and Weapons

4. Mark Meer

Mark Meer Cosplay

Not only does Mark Meer plan and create astounding outfits, he also works as a voice actor for video games like Mass Effect.

One day he’s loaning his voice to Commander Shepard; the next he might actually be Commander Shepard. Meer hails from Edmonton, Canada, where he runs his own TV program, Tiny Plastic Men, a hilarious comedy series about toy testers.

Mark Meer Cosplay
Mark Meer Cosplay

Mark Meer Twitter:

Mark Meer on Youtube:

2. Leon Chiro Cosplay Art

Leon Chiro Cosplay

Leon Chiro is an Italian Cosplay craftsman who has developed a strong fan base throughout the years.

He’s known for joining characters in hybrid outfits and for his astonishing renditions of ensembles from Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia.

Chiro to plans his ensembles and manufactures props with a devoted energy, aided by his extremely solid figure. When he’s not Cosplaying, Chiro is a model and Physiotherapy understudy.

Leon Chiro Cosplay Art
Leon Chiro Cosplay Art

Leon Chiro Deviant Art:

Leon Chiro Facebook:

Leon Chiro Patreon:

Leon Chiro Instagram:

Leon Chiro’s Youtube Channel:

Leon Chiro on Youtube:

1. Harley’s Joker – Anthony Misiano

Harleys Joker Anthony Misiano Cosplay

Harley’s Joker is Anthony Misiano, “a nerd with a malicious smile and a considerable measure of drive to create,” as per his Facebook page.

Clearly, his most loved character is the conventional Joker: the one with the purple stick striped suit, green hair, white cosmetics, and the greatest (if terrifying) grin.

His outfit and depiction of The Joker are so persuading, it’s difficult to separate him from the one in the movies. His better half, Alyssa, also known by her cosplay name Joker’s Harley, is quickly ending up nearly as popular as Misiano, with more than 96,000 Facebook followers.

Joker Cosplay by Anthony Misiano
Anthony Misiano Joker Cosplay

Facebook Harley Joker:

Harley’s Joker Video Interview:

This concludes the Top 5 Male Cosplayers in the World!



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